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Have FUN! Learn to ride smooth, safe, and fast!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer any discounts?
Only one discount can be issued per track day. See Discount Codes below:
  • If you have a 2022 Holiday Gift Certificate, enter this code in the Discount
    box at Checkout: OldHGC

  • If you have a card from a Coach, enter the code: CoachProgram

What types of payment do you accept?  

We accept cash, check, credit cards and PayPal payments.

Can anyone attend the Road Racing School?

​The Road Racing School is for track day riders looking to go RACING! Racing school costs $375 per rider. School takes place during the track day event. This school is not intended for new track day riders, rather it targets experienced track riders who intend to begin racing.

Which tracks have race gas onsite?

​Summit Point Motorsports Park: Summit Point Raceway, Shenandoah and Jefferson Circuits have race gas onsite. At all pumps, you must purchase with a credit card.

There is NO RACE GAS on site at NCBIKE. Bring your gas with you! There is a Shell gas station only 1.8 miles from the track.

Where do I go when I come to the track?

Registration is held at the Tech Inspection area at each track. Roll up on your motorcycle and wear your helmet. Registrars will ensure you are properly registered for the day and you will move along to Tech Inspection. Registration and Tech Inspection open at 7am each day. Both will close for the Mandatory Rider's Meeting at 8am, after which they will re-open.

How do I prepare my motorcycle for the track day?
  • All bikes should be clean and dry, with fresh tires and brake pads. 

  • Glass lenses or mirrors should be taped over with blue painter's tape or they should be removed. Do NOT tape over brake lights.

  • All bikes should have at least two numbers or letters, 4-6 inches tall, on the windshield of the bike for identification purposes. Numbers are available at Tech Inspection.

  • Anti-freeze can remain in the bike.

  • If the center stand drags in turns, it should be removed. Kickstands can remain.

  • Safety wiring of your motorcycle is not required, but appreciated, in order to ride with Motorcycle Xcitement.

All motorcycles and gear will be tech-inspected for safety compliance before going on course

Is there electricity at Summit Point Motorsports Park and NCBIKE?

Electricity is available for $15 per day or $30 for a 2-day event at Summit Point and Shenandoah; however, there is no power at Jefferson. Bring your generator!

Electricity process at Shenandoah and Summit Point Raceway:  Roaming electric 
attendant available until 10:30pm. Call 304-728-0034. See Gate attendant 10:30pm-9:00am.
Credit cards are accepted.

There are electric boxes at NCBIKE, paid for by Motorcycle Xcitement. 

Are food and drinks provided at the track?

​Bring food and drinks to keep you going during the day. There is food available for purchase (hours of operation are limited) at Summit Point Raceway and the Shenandoah Circuit. There is NOT a lunchtime food vendor at the NCBIKE track.

How much does it cost to camp?

​Camping is FREE and is allowed the night before our dates at Summit Point Motorsports Park and NCBIKE.

Why do I have to login to register?

​Registration requires you to create an account so that we can have a faster check-in process the day of the event and keep all your information organized for you (so you don't have to re-enter it each time!). 

Why can't I change my rider group in the registration form?

​Once you register for the first time, we have record of your rider group and will change it for you when you get bumped. OR you can email and request your group change.

Why did my rider group change?

​Your rider group changed because you got bumped during your last track day. 

Why isn’t my information loading in the registration form?

If you are using Chrome, and you are auto-logged into the Motorcycle Xcitement page through Facebook, then you log out and log back in without ever closing the browser, your registration may not load properly.  *To solve this problem, shut down the browser and sign in again.

Do you still have questions?

Call Roger: 301-933-2599 

Or email:

Do you need leathers? 

We have leathers for rent.
Go to the link below.

What tracks do you ride? 

At Summit Point Motorsports Park in WV, we ride Summit Point Raceway, Shenandoah Circuit, Jefferson Circuit
and NCBIKE in Garysburg, NC.

What does a typical day look like? 

The day starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 5-5:30 p.m. See more detail below. 

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