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Track Day Agenda



Great! You made it! First we need to get you checked in. Roll up on your motorcycle and bring your helmet (we know you are excited) to Registration. Registration is located near Tech Inspection. When you get to Registration, the friendly registrar will be sure that you are properly registered and that you have paid for the event. Once finished, you'll receive a tech card.  


7:00am – 8:00am


TECH INSPECTION                                        

Up next is Tech. Bring your HELMET and MOTORCYCLE and have that tech card handy. Give that card to the technician and relax while we inspect the motorcycle and provide you with some colorful stickers and bike numbers if you need them.


*Friendly reminder: Tech & Registration close for the Riders Meeting.


7:00am – 8:00am


RIDERS MEETING                                                             

Don't miss this, IT'S MANDATORY! You'll hear everything you need
to have a safe and fun-filled track day. Novice riders will be told
where to meet instructors at the end of this meeting.
Plus, we give away a FREE TRACK DAY at every Riders Meeting!


Required Gear

All riders must have the proper safety equipment:

  • a DOT approved full face helmet

  • one or two piece zipped-together leather suit

  • boots that cover the ankle

  • gauntlet gloves

Riding on the Track

We provide advanced rider training. Enjoy hours of quality track time on your motorcycle. Our Coaches will ride with you and give feedback for improving your riding skills.

2021 Track Days


NOVICE MEETING                                                            


Novice — don't run away yet. We all need to start somewhere and this is the place. We will review the flag signals, pit in and pit out, hand signals, and other safety issues at this meeting.




ON TRACK                                                          

WOOHOO! It's time for the fun! Let's just use some caution in the morning. First 2 laps of first session will be standing yellow. The track may be cold or slick in spots, so let's just take it easy. Better to be safe!



15 min










*Novice and Rookie riders will report back to the classroom (or designated area) for some Q&A after their first session.











8:30am – 5:30pm



12:00pm – 1:00pm Most track days

Grab some grub and relax with your friends. Oh, and don't forget to stay hydrated!




FREE TRACK RIDE           

at the end of Lunch Break

Free track time! Not ready for a full track day but want to experience the freedom of the track firsthand? Well, you get your wish! Two laps of controlled riding for all those wanting to see the track up close. All riders/passengers are required to wear long pants, HELMETS, JACKETS, GLOVES, and BOOTS. Safety first! 




END OF DAY                                                                     



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