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Learn to ride smooth, safe, and fast!

Have FUN! Learn to ride smooth, safe, and fast!

Darin Morrell Photography

Darin Morrell Photography

Motorcycle Xcitement Road Racing School

is for XCITED riders who want to advance their track day skills
to compete in motorcycle RACING! Pre-register and pay here.

The Road Racing School is NOT for the beginner track day rider.

The Track Day event is a learning experience at every rider skill level.

Goals of Road Racing School

Improve your cornering skills, throttle control, body position, and smooth braking techniques. Our school will prepare you for your first road race. The all-day course covers rider and motorcycle preparation, safety flags, rules, and regulations for all three of the major east coast racing organizations.


After successfully completing the classroom lessons, on track sessions, written test, and mock race, you'll receive a graduation certificate!


Upon graduation from the school, riders can apply for a racing license with groups such as Western Eastern Road Racers Association (WERA), Championship Cup Series (CCS), and American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) and compete with other motorcycle road racers!

Required Equipment

  • A great high quality full-face helmet with DOT and Snell or EC-22 rating with no dents or scratches. Remember, buy the best helmet you can afford! It is your only insurance between you and the ground. Your helmet will be protecting the most precious head in the world — yours!

  • Full leather suit. If using a 2 piece suit, it must be zipped together all the way around.

  • Heavy-duty leather gloves, with gauntlet to cover the wrist, preferably made for road racing.

  • Leather riding boots that cover the ankles and shins.

Bike Preparation

  • Glass lenses or mirrors should be removed or taped over with blue painter's tape. DO NOT tape over brake lights.

  • All bikes should be clean and dry, with fresh tires and brake pads.

  • All bikes should have at least two numbers or letters, 4-6 inches tall, on the windshield of the bike for identification purposes.

  • Anti-freeze can remain in the bike.

  • If the center stand drags in turns, it should be removed. Kickstands can remain.

  • Safety wiring of your motorcycle is appreciated, but not required, in order to ride with Motorcycle Xcitement.

  • All motorcycles and riding gear will be tech-inspected for safety compliance before going on course. Be sure to take ALL gear with you to Tech Inspection.

2024 Road Racing Schools


Be Aware

All road racing schools are dependent on the number of students that pre-register.

Click a date to subscribe to our calendar and get the entire schedule with any date changes right on your calendar!


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