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HAVE FUN! Learn to ride smooth, safe, and fast!

Motorcycle Xcitement Track Days

Advanced Rider Training!
Discover the FUN of riding your motorcycle in the safety of a closed road course.
Our friendly, experienced coaches teach lessons that can save your life!
From Novice to Advanced, riders improve their skills with hours of instruction and quality track time. We start out slow and work on smooth riding techniques.
We run 15-minute sessions for each group from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Note: The Road Racing School is NOT for the beginner track day rider.
The Racing School is for riders who want to compete in motorcycle RACING!

The Track Day event is a learning experience at every rider skill level.

Rider Skill Groups

There are 4 rider skill groups:

  • Novice

  • Rookie

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


The Advanced group will include licensed Racers. We will help to determine the appropriate group for you at Registration. Coaches work with Novice, Rookie, and Intermediate riders.

Novice riders meet in the designated area immediately after the Mandatory Rider's Meeting. Coaches will review all signals and on-track rules before going out with the Novice riders. It is NOT recommended that you ride and coach your friend in a different rider skill group. We have Coaches that have been trained to help riders improve their on-track skills. You will have a better time riding in your group and watching your friend improve in his/her group.

Prepare for the Track Day​

  • Gather gear: boots, DOT approved full face helmet, gloves, AND your motorcycle key

  • Bring a leather suit or rent one from Motorcycle Xcitement. Go HERE to rent leathers.

  • Bring food and drinks

  • Roll up on your motorcycle and bring helmet to Registration and Tech Inspection


To make your track day a great one, several vendors and suppliers are on site at many of our events.

Passing Rules and Crash Policy

Passing Rules

YOU are responsible for the riders in front of YOU!  If YOU crash into another rider, YOU are responsible for paying for the other riders damage! The rider overtaking another rider is responsible for a clean and safe pass.  If you must pass in a turn, you have to go around the outside with 6 feet of space from the rider in front and make a safe, clean pass. The turn is defined as any time the bike is in a leaned position.  

In the NOVICE, ROOKIE, and INTERMEDIATE groups, you may pass on the outside of a turn allowing 6 feet of room between you and another rider. No inside passing! In the ADVANCED group, SAFE inside and outside passing is allowed. This is a track day, not a race!


All riders must obey the Coaches' instructions. Riders will have some classroom instruction and on-track coaching. The rider must stay in his/her assigned group unless permission is granted by Roger Lyle to ride in another group that better suits his/her riding ability.


Crash Policy

If YOU run into another rider and cause a crash, YOU are responsible for paying for damages. If you are the cause of a crash that results in a delay of track time, you are done for the day. If you were not the cause, and you can ride again, the bike and rider must be checked over by the. Tech Inspector and approved before going back out. The second time you crash for any reason, you are out for the day. Anyone causing a crash, reckless riding, stunting, or out-of-control wheelies will not be tolerated.  Violators will be asked to leave.


Medical Services

There will be an ambulance on site manned with a paramedic or EMT and driver. If the ambulance leaves the premises, track sessions will be shut down until the ambulance returns.


Insurance Waiver

All participants both on and off the track will sign an insurance waiver prior to any vehicles entering the riding circuit.


2023 Track Days


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