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May and June Motorcycle Xcitement events are postponed!

Sign up July 3 & 4 at Summit Point and Shenandoah

2020 Track Day Schedule

Our 2020 track day schedule is now available! Check out the dates here.

Purchase a Track Day

Pay online (and fill out the Pre-registration Form online) and your registration will be streamlined the day of the event. You can ALWAYS pay at the track, but you help us to streamline the process if you pay ahead of the event.

Pre-register for a Track Day

Fill out the Pre-registration Form online and your registration will be streamlined the day of the event. You can ALWAYS pay at the track, but if you pre-register, we have all the necessary information ahead of the event.

New Electricity Process at Summit Point

No more purchasing keys at the gate and cash-only payments. NOW attendants will come to you! From 9am until 10:30pm, the roaming attendant will find you to collect your payment by cash or credit card. Any other hour, you will deal with the person at the Gate.

Download the Rider's Manual

At Motorcycle Xcitement, we teach you how to HAVE FUN in the safety of a closed road course. Riders are put into groups with friendly coaches. We start out slow, work on being smooth and safe. The speed comes with time, but the fun starts right away!

V.I.P. Membership

V.I.P. Ticket To Ride members get the best price for track enthusiasts!
As a V.I.P. you ride each track day for only $175. The more you ride, the better the deal! You can upgrade to a V.I.P. membership at any time.

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"Thank you yet again for another wonderful and eye-opening track day on Sunday, May 6th at NCBIKE. Every time I ride with you guys I can tell I've improved my riding skills by the end of the day. The rider coaches . . . were all friendly and encouraging. I'm always anxious at those events, heck with riding in general, and I always receive patient, useful, and warm instruction. You will be seeing me again in the future. Thank you!!"



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